Motor driver doesn’t work again【micromouse】


.Hello, everyone. In this article, I would like to focus on “Motor driver doesn’t work again” . The topics are below.

  1. Motor driver doesn’t work again
  2. Why did I notice
  3. What was the problem
  4. Solution
  5. overall

Actually, This situation is third time. I already broke two motordriver. So, I will write down how to solve this problem.

Motor driver doesn’t work againpicture_of_mouse

First motor driver and second thing burned. That was like below picture.picture_of_motordriver

How many time did I do this(>_<)    ohhhhhh. In the third time, It didn’t burn. So I didn’t know the cause.

Why did I noticedisplay_of_pluse

Anyway back rotation doesn’t work. Left motor was CW. Right motor was CCW. When I measure two pluse which are right and left used my oscilloscope, the result was like photo above. This means that mouse’s power has lack of output.This is used same program. picture_of_pluse

This was good waveform in the past. You know, something is absolutely wrong!!


As a result, I don’t know. In my opinion, the problem is not in the software. When I joined Student contest in Japan, this mouse could move around without Back rotation. wwwwwwithout back rotation. But I could see back rotation in the past. That’s why.


I try to do like this solution. This means that firstly I make print substrate with motor driver. Then I connect between mouse and that substrate. Because, This is easy to change it when same situation happen as well.


In this article, I focused on “Motordriver doesn’t work again”

  1. Motordriver doesn’t work again
  2. Why did I notice
  3. Cause
  4. Solution
  5. Overall

I am  mmmmmm fine!!!!(>_<)


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