P control worked again【micromouse】


Hello, everyone. Today, I typed the program of P control to recover. Because, I forgot how program about P control.

Please look at this video. Now, it worked well. The reason was “Value of speed is too low”. Some people might know this ”  MTU3.TGRC=MTU4.TGRC=5;  ”  . There are some feature about RX631 in it. If you put some numbers to”  MTU3.TGRC=MTU4.TGRC=5;  “,  the motor move a little bit. (Not only this variable is impossible to make motor move.) Too low variable makes error. And then rapid rotation happens. Do not put 0 to MTU4.TGRC and MTU3.TGRC . IF you would like to stop rotation, you try to do like this “MTU.TSTR.BIT.CST3=0;   MTU.TSTR.BIT.CST4=0;”  . This means that PWM mode was OFF just now. That’s all. See you later.


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