It firstly ran【micromouse】


Hello, everyone. In this article, I will focus on my first mouse by myself.

  1. It firstly ran
  2. information about it
  3. improvement
  4. overall

It firstly ranpicture_of_robot

I joined in Student’s contest in japan.I have ever used PiCo2 made in RT corporation. In this year, my new mouse was necessary to experience. Because, I have to grow up every time.

(There is a video in here. But it might be gone.) This video was fourth running. I am impressed. Because, It ran from frist position to opposite side. Before this contest, I cannot practice in 16×16. I used only 3×5. Overall, That was wonderful performance.

Information about itpicture_of_hard_parts



I didn’t put control technology to my mouse in this contest. Because, I thought that It did work well without control technology. But it didn’t work. I noticed that micromouse is good for job hunting. I had to type all of program. Because, my knowledge about software which is like algorithm and system was not good. My PiCo2 has all of program to run from start position to goal position as well. I didn’t need to type everything. But just little bit program was necessary to change. So I typed only there. what about new mouse? If you don’t learn every program inside PiCo2 or any mouse’s program, you basically cannot finish to make the mouse. Now, I learned many new knowledge which were CPU’s information about it, timer technology like Calculation PWM. I absolutely make my new micromouse goes to goal in next contest used technology of Excel and control. And Mostly short running as well.


I made original mouse which has high technology for the first time.

  1. It firstly ran
  2. Information about it
  3. Improvement
  4. Overall

See you!!!!


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