I try to read fantastic beasts


I try to read fantastic beastspicture_of_reading

Hello, everyone. I who is Japanese started to read “fantastic beasts” in japanese. In Japan, many people who are university students ,high school students and junior high school students study English every day. You know. I am not good at study. But I have to do it. In my case, I do the study of English like this. I have ever read a little bit book. Just a little bit(>_<)

So I need to think of method of study to complete. What do you think below that?

  • To read many sentence
  • To speak English much time
  • To write different sentence which I try to make by myself

But I also need to enjoy about something of it. So I decided to read “fantastic beasts”—–(‘ω’)ノThis is Japanese book of “fantastic beasts”. I will read “fantastic beasts” in English after I read this one.

What do you think about “Recitation”?

I tried to do “Recitation”. Because, this makes my brain wise. I can concentrate completely when I am reading this book. My impression was good. If you do this method, try to act like actor. Then your brain have to refer content of sentence absolutely in the book.

Thank you for reading. See you soon.


こんにちは,えいたです.(@Eita32751796)ロボットに家事全般を任せることが夢です('ω')ノ 趣味はロボット製作,洋画やアニメや大河ドラマを見ること,ファッション,Youtuberのゲーム実況鑑賞,美容の勉強,料理調査,運動です./ 最近は マイコンボード製作に没頭/ 『レ・ミゼラブル』鑑賞/ 『進撃の巨人』/ 『青天を衝け』/ 『GU』/ 『FULLGUYS』実況鑑賞/ 『家庭用脱毛器』がほしい/ ヴィーガン料理を作りたい/ 夕方にジョギングしたいがさぼりがち/