The etching was difficult.【for robot】


In this article, I would like to talk about my impression of etching. I always makes robot. overall, it was not good to do etching at first. I will focus on 3 topic.

  1. method of what I did
  2. difficult or easy
  3. to do list
  4. conclusion

So, This paper will describe it from now on.

Method of what I did


Firstly, I will describe “Method of what I did” from now on. Anyway, that was difficult. I needed to ready to have a many things. That is below.

  • Substrate of copper plate
  • Corrosive liquid
  • Tweezers
  • The paper which was printed design of PCB
  • Iron
  • Water
  • Some clothes
  • Acetone liquid

If you try to do etching, you need to ready to have these things. In my country, there is copy machine in Seven Eleven which is convenience store. I firstly printed my paper from my design of PCB data at Seven Eleven. I ready to turn on iron in my home as well. I just transferred design from paper of PCB to substrate. This was especially not easy. Shall you look at my picture?Picture_of_substrate This is first challenging. Picture_of_etching_Part2 This is second challenging. Picture_of_etching_Part3This is third challenging. picture_of_etching_Part4This is fourth challenging. I am sorry for you. This is after process of corrosive liquid. But it looks like nice appearance. I continue to explain. Next, I used corrosive liquid to substrate. I spent 1 hour to melt copper in first time. Next challenging was just 10 minutes.

After that, I mixed acetone with that substrate. Then I tried to remove a little bit paper. That is all. Anyway, it was difficult to make.

Difficult or easy

You know, it was difficult to do etching. many people who are on the YouTube do easily etching. Actually I need to spend much time as I practice etching.

  To do list

If I do etching next time, I try to not use iron. That is not easy to print. Because, it depends on the temperature of iron. substrate around edge was not good. I could see the design around center of it. Next time, I try to use acetone to print design of PCB at the moment. This method which is about acetone was on the YouTube.


Overall, I told you “Method of what I did”. Secondly “Difficult or easy”, thirdly “To do list”, Finally “Conclusion”. I have to be good at etching for robot.


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